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Anigozanthos 'Patricia'

NOTE: Received as A. 'Mister X', possibly also known as 'Mini-X'

ORIGIN: Anigozanthos 'Patricia' arose as a seedling from A. flavidus. It is presumed to be a hybrid but the other parent is unknown. The seedling was raised and selected by K. Oliver about 1972. The cultivar was first received by the Authority on 22 November 1980. Registration applied for by Mr K.R. Oliver of Western Australia.

DESCRIPTION: Leaves glossy green to 20 cm long; inflorescence to 0.6 m tall and branched between 4 and 10 times, lower stem green and sparsely covered with red hairs, becoming denser closer to the flowers giving red brown colour; individual flowers to 4 cm long, overall colour effect a dull brown but a brighter red at the base of unopened perianth tube; flowering season September - November in W.A.


Anigozanthos 'Patricia' to 0.6 m tall; flowers appear dull red/brown individual flowers ca. 4cm long;inflorescence branches 4 - 10 times

Anigozanthos 'Unity' to 1.5 m tall; dark red flowers; tube ca. 4 cm long; inflorescence branches 20 - 30 times.

Anigozanthos 'Red Cross'to 1.6 m tall; flowers burgundy with yellow patch at base of perianth; individual flowers ca. 3 cm long

Anigozanthos 'Pink Joey', another wild selection, differs from other known forms of this species in its small stature and pale purplish pink flowers. It attains a height of only 50 cm and has somewhat narrow leaves 16 - 33 cm long and 0.4 - 0.6 cm broad; the much branched panicle is 20 cm long and many flowered.

CULTIVATION NOTES: Anigozanthos 'Patricia' is semi-drought hardy and is resistant to Ink Disease. The frost hardiness has not been fully tested. Propagation must be by vegetative means.

SYNONOMOUS NAMES: Anigozanthos 'Mister X' and Anigozanthos 'Mini X'.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

hairs on exterior of perianth tube: Red Group 53A

exterior of perianth tube: Yellow Green Group 145A

interior of opened perianth tube: Yellow Green Group 145B

anther: Yellow Group 11A

style: Yellow Green Group 145A