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Pimelea 'Magenta Mist'

Pimelea ferruginea 'Magenta Mist'

ORIGIN: Pimelea 'Magenta Mist' was selected from a wild population of Pimelea ferruginea at a coastal area at Northcliffe, WA. Cultivar first received by the Authority 9 October 1980. The applicant is Kings Park and Botanic Garden, West Perth, WA 6005.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar resembles the usual form of P. ferruginea except in regard to the flower colour. The inflorescences are magenta in colour.

DIAGNOSIS: P. ferruginea 'Magenta Mist' is readily distinguished from P. ferruginea because of the rich magenta colour of its flowers. It can be distinguished form P. ferruginea 'Bonne Petite' in the following ways:

'Magenta Mist'

'Bonne Petite'

Internode distance as for usual form of the species.

Leaf internode distance shorter than usual for the species.

Flower heads loose, open to 3cm across.

Flower heads compact to 2-2.5cm across.

Flowers deep pink (magenta).

Flowers pale pink fading quickly around outer edges to paler pink, then white.

Colour of flowers hold well

Flower colour fades quickly.

Leaf apex rounded.

Leaf apex slightly pointed.


CULTIVATION NOTES: This cultivar is readily propagated from cuttings. This method must be used to preserve the cultivar form.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966.

perianth segments: close to red purple group 60B (outer edges towards red group 52D (centre of flower)