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Callistemon 'Packers Selection'

ORIGIN: Callistemon 'Packers Selection' appeared as an obvious variation in a seed tray of C. subulatus raised by Mr Eric Packer at Bankstown, NSW. Cultivar first received by the Authority 13 October 1980. The applicant is Mr Ray Aitken, Wildflower Nursery Wanneroo, Wanneroo 6065.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a fast growing and pendulous shrub ca. 1.5m tall by 1.5m wide. Inflorescences are deep red in colour and ca. 9cm long, but narrow in diameter (ca. 3cm). Flowering is spasmodic all year (as observed under conditions in WA) with profuse flowering in October, January-February and March-April (also in WA).

DIAGNOSIS: Callistemon 'Packers Selection' closely resembles C. subulatus. It is possible to distinguish the cultivar by its very pendulous habit compared with the more erect habit of C. subulatus and by the much longer inflorescences. The flowers are a deep red fading as they age.

CULTIVATION NOTES: This cultivar has been sold for 7 years in WA and 5 years under the cultivar name (as at January 1982). It shows a good resistance to drought, but its frost hardiness has not been tried. It flowers in 14-16 months from rooted cuttings. This cultivar must be reproduced by vegetative means.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966 edition.

filaments: close to red group 53A fading to

greyed purple 185A.


COMPARATIVE SPECIMEN: Callistemon subulatus CBG 7801196. NSW South Coast, 14Km north of Yowrie PO on north side of Tuross River.