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Eremophila 'Aurea'

Eremophila maculata 'Aurea'

ORIGIN: Eremophila 'Aurea' has been known in cultivation for many years and its origin is obscure. Collections were made during the early 1950's of a plant which came to be known as Eremophila maculata forma aurea along the Surat - Glenmorgan Road (writ. comm.) but the clone described herein cannot be positively linked to these early collections.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar grows into a compact, low shrub from .6m to .9m in height by up to 1m wide. The flowers are found in spring and are yellow, tubular, with consipicious red spots in the throat of the flowers. The flowers are plus/minus 30mm in length. The buds before they open are also quite conspicuous. While young they are green yellow turning to yellow just before they open. The buds contrast well against the bright green glossy foliage. The flowers are axillary and are borne prolifically.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar differs form the more usual form of Eremophila maculata in its lower and more compact form and its yellow flowers.

CULTIVATION NOTES: Eremophila 'Aurea' has proved extremely hardy in cultivation and is both drought and frost hardy. Tip pruning helps to keep the plant rejuvenated.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966 edition.

young buds: green yellow group 1A.

older buds: yellow group 12A.

perianth (open flower):yellow green group 154C.

spotting in throat: red group 53A.

PREVIOUS PUBLICATION: Nindethana Nursery Catalogue, Propr. Mr G. Althofer, dated 14 June 1956.