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Callistemon 'Dawson River Weeper'

Callistemon viminalis 'Dawson River Weeper'

ORIGIN: This cultivar is probably a form of Callistemon viminalis. It was originally collected in the Dawson River area of central Queensland by George Trapnell, now of Caloundra, Queensland. Received by ACRA 1 May 1984. Applicant: Tree and Shrub Growers of Victoria., PO Box 294, Mordialloc, VIC. 3195.

DESCRIPTION: A tall, spreading shrub to 5m high by 5m across, occasionally taller in ideal conditions, with pendulous branches that reach to the ground. Leaves are narrow-lanceolate and up to 70mm long by 5mm wide. Leaves and young stems are covered with long, silky hairs and abundant oil dots are obvious under a lens. The red, bottlebrush flowers are about 90mm long by 50mm diameter and small leaves are often seen within the flower spike. Main flowering periods are spring and autumn but some flowers are found at most seasons in mild climates.

DIAGNOSIS: Many forms of C. viminalis are in cultivation; and are often difficult to distinguish. This cultivar may be identified by its narrow leaves, long, often continuous, flowering period and its bushy, pendulous habit.

CULTIVATION: This cultivar has been in cultivation for many years and has proved to be a reliable, long flowering shrub of pleasing form. It grows best in mild to warm climates but will withstand moderate frosts without damage. Ample moisture is required to keep it in peak condition as prolonged dry periods may cause some defoliation. Birds, particularly the scarlet honeyeater, are attracted to the flowers. As the shrub sets copious amounts of seed, pruning in early summer followed by an application of a general fertiliser will improve its vigour.

COLOUR CODING: RHS Colour chart 1966 edition.

filaments: red group 45A.

SYNONYMS: This cultivar is sometimes sold as C. 'Dawson River'.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC238, ACRA061/062/456/386,CBG8405336/ 8405337/9001475/9202433