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Agonis 'Belbra Gold'

Agonis flexuosa 'Belbra Gold'

ORIGIN: Agonis 'Belbra Gold' is a selection of Agonis flexuosa made by Mr Wally Stanton of Belbra Nursery, Halls Gap in the Grampians of Victoria in 1973-74. Cultivar first received by the Authority on 26 January 1982. The applicant is Wildflower Nursery Wanneroo, Wanneroo Road, Wanneroo, 6065.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a leaf colour form of Agonis flexuosa (Spreng) Schau. It is a dense shrub that grows to ca. 5m tall by 5m wide. As the leaves first appear they have a reddish tinge but this quickly changes to a pale yellow forming a golden crown on the plant. As the leaves mature there is once again a colour change, as they revert to green or a pale yellow mottled with green. Shortly after this last change the mature leaves are dropped from the plant. When viewed from a short distance the plant is a distinct golden colour. The colour of the foliage can be affected by the amount of light intensity. The golden colour is more pronounced during summer months in full light. The other features of the cultivar correspond with those of Agonis flexuosa.

DIAGNOSIS: A. 'Belbra Gold' is readily distinguished from the usual A. flexuosa by its foliage colour and its ultimate height, the cultivar only growing to 5m. It can be distinguished easily from A. flexuosa 'Variegata' as the variegation is different. A. flexuosa 'Variegata' has leaves with yellow margins and a green centre as compared to all yellow or yellow mottled green of A. 'Belbra Gold'.

CULTIVATION NOTES: This cultivar has only fair drought hardiness and its frost resistance is unknown, though it would probably be similar to that of the species. This cultivar must be propagated by vegetaive means to preserve the cultivar form.

COMPARATIVE SPECIMEN: Agonis flexuosa 'Variegata' (ACRA Number 4) held at the Herbarium, National Botanic Gardens, Canberra.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour chart 1966.

leaves: green yellow group 1C to yellow-green 154D.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC257, CBG8200318/8201064