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Callistemon 'Rose Opal'

Callistemon viminalis 'Rose Opal'

ORIGIN: Callistemon 'Rose Opal' was raised from seed collected at the Wappa Falls on the South Arm of the Maroochy River by W.G. Trapnell and K.A.W. Williams in August 1956. The population of C. viminalis in this area are smaller (ca. 4m) than the more usual form of C. viminalis which grows to ca. 5.5m in height. Twenty four seedlings were raised from the seed and planted on Mr. C. Broadley's property in Oxley, Brisbane. As the plants matured they varied in height from ca. 2m to ca. 4m. When flowering in the spring of 1962 some colour variation became apparent. Examination by Mr. Trapnell led to the selection of one of these seedlings as Callistemon 'Rose Opal'. Cuttings were taken in 1968 for propagation at the Save the Trees Nursery at Zillmere, Queensland. The cultivar was first received by the Authority on 30th October 1980. The applicant is Mr. W.G. Trapnell of 22 Bell Street, Kangaroo Point, 4169

DESCRIPTION: Callistemon 'Rose Opal' is a dwarf and compact form of C. viminalis growing to 1.5 - 1.8m high by 1m wide. The inflorescence is rosy red which readily distinguishes the cultivar from the usual coloured forms of C. viminalis. The inflorescence is 70-80mm long. Flowering is in spring and autumn.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar is distinguished from the other forms of C. viminalis by its compact habit and flower colour.

OTHER NOTES: The small and compact habit of this cultivar is of great value for smaller gardens. In nearly twenty years of trials it has proved to be stable in colour, form and height. The cultivar is frost tolerant to at least -5?C and is drought hardy once established. Specimens have also been lodged at the Queensland Herbarium (BRI 153960, BRI 279024). This cultivar must be propagated by vegetative means to preserve the cultivar form.

COLOUR CODE: R.H.S. Colour Chart 1966.

It is very difficult to obtain a specific colour for this cultivar due to the translucence of the stamens.

Stamens are within the range Red Group 50A, 51A, 53B.

PREVIOUS PUBLICATION: Society for Growing Australian Plants, Queensland Region Bulletin Vol. 12, No. 3 of October 1973.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC258; ACRA159/081; CBG8502426/8116323/8305800