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Grevillea 'Pink Parfait'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Pink Parfait' was raised by Townsville Tropical Trees of 41 Framara Drive, Townsville, Queensland 4815. It is presumed to be an F2 of Grevillea 'Misty Pink' which itself is a hybrid between G. banksii (compact red flowering form) and G. sessilis. Cultivar first received by the Authority on 23 February 1982. The applicant is Townsville Tropical Trees of 41 Framara Drive, Townsville, Queensland 4815.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar grows into a slender shrub of ca. 4m tall. The leaves are very similar in shape to G. bankisii being ca.12cm long by ca. 8cm wide at the widest point. The lower surfaces of the leaves have a silvery appearance due to a coating of dense hairs. The flowers are vivid pink in fairly compact racemes ca. 17cm long.

DIAGNOSIS: Grevillea 'Pink Parfait' grows very similar in size and habit to G. sessilis whereas G. 'Misty Pink' grows only to 2.5m tall. The leaves are very similar to G. banksii in shape but are the green colour of G. sessilis, not the greyish colour of G. banksii. The inflorescence is longer than in G. 'Misty Pink'. The inflorescence is slighly narrower, ca. 5cm compared with 6cm of G. 'Misty Pink'. The flowers are less densely packed on the raceme than in G. 'Misty Pink'. The styles are very similar to the shortish straight styles of G. sessilis rather than the longer, more hooked styles of G. 'Misty Pink'.

CULTIVATION NOTES: This cultivar has withstood light frosts in Victoria. This cultivar must be propagated by vegetative means to preserve the cultivar form.

COMPARATIVE SPECIMEN: Grevillea 'Misty Pink' CBG 8112260 (ACRA No.177).

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

style: red group 54B

perianth: red group 38B

perianth lobes: red group 53C

leaf (top surface): greyed green 194A