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Crowea 'Bindelong Compact'

Crowea exalata 'Bindelong Compact'

ORIGIN: Crowea 'Bindelong Compact' is a form of Crowea exalata selected from the wild in the vicinity of The Crinoline in the Eastern Highlands of Victoria. Cultivar first received by the Authority in April 1982. The applicant is Bindelong Nursery, 55 Railway Parade, Wandin North, Victoria 3139

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a form of Crowea exalata. It is a compact shrub with a height of about 0.5m and a width of about 1m. It is very floriferous, producing deep pink flowers which darken to a deep purple with age. The flowers and leaves are in the smaller size range of the species with the flower diameter around 1.7cm and the leaves about 1.2cm long.

DIAGNOSIS: C. 'Bindelong Compact' is more compact than the usual form of C. exalata which grows to more or less 1m high. It flowers throughout the year with the main flowering from December to April. Other forms of C. exalata are usually most prolific from March to May. Other features of this cultivar are as for C. exalata.

CULTIVATION NOTES: C. 'Bindelong Compact' is both drought and frost hardy. It has been in cultivation since 1976.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966.

perianth: freshly opened petals close to red purple group 74C, darkening to 61A with age.