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Bauera 'Luina Gem'

Bauera rubioides 'Luina Gem'

ORIGIN: Bauera 'Luina Gem' is a double flowered form of Bauera rubioides that was selected from a natural population near Luina, Tasmania. It was selected by Mr H Murray. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in May 1982. Registration applied for by Harry Murray and Sons Pty Ltd of Tasmania.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar grows to 1m tall by 0.25 - 0.5m wide. The plant is said to be very dense. The flowers are up to 10mm in diameter and are pale pink in colour. The flowering season is November in Tasmania.

DIAGNOSIS: B. 'Luina Gem' has doubled flowers. Other morphological features are as for B. rubioides.

CULTIVATION NOTES: General cultivation requirements are as for B. rubioides. While the application has stated that the cultivar is very dense, experience in Canberra has been that the plant is usually fairly open and flowers have not yet met the recorded 10mm diameter. Double flowered forms are not uncommon in cultivation, and the general morphology of this species does vary. It is therefore likely that superior double flowered forms may be available when compared to B. 'Luina Gem'. References to double flowered forms are readily found eg. "Gardening with Australian Plants - Shrubs" by Thistle Harris p93 (Nelson 1977) and Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants" vol.2 by W R Elliot and D L Jones P308-309 (Lothian 1982). Mention is also made of a double pink form in the Norwood Plant Directory of 1981.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

edge of petals: purple group 77B

middle of petals: white group 155A

stamens: yellow orange group 15A