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Leptospermum 'Copper Sheen'

ORIGIN: Leptospermum 'Copper Sheen' does not have a known origin. The species Leptospermum nitidum Hook.f. grows naturally in central and western Tasmania. It is likely that the plant is a seedling sport that arose in cultivation. The name refers to the coppery colour of the new growth. The cultivar was first received by ACRA in May 1966. Registration applied for by the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar grows to ca. 2m tall by 2m wide. The young foliage is a bronzy-purple in colour and the young stems are reddish in colour. The flowers have creamish-yellow petals with a greenish centre and are ca. 25mm in diameter. The flowers are fragrant. The older leaves are ca. 25mm long by 5mm broad.

DIAGNOSIS: L. 'Copper Sheen' differs from the more typical form of L. nitidum in the bronzy-purple colour of the new growth and the spreading nature of the new growth. The creamy-yellow flowers differ from the white of L. nitidum. The cultivar has also been confused in the past with L. macrocarpum. L. 'Copper Sheen' has 3-4 locular capsules compared with regularly 5 locular in L. macrocarpum; 12mm capsules (17mm); back of capsule glabrous (back of capsule silky hairy); petals large in comparison to torus (petals short and stunted); colour of petals constant (petals white to deep red in L. macrocarpum); leaves 25mm long by 5mm (20mm by 9mm).

CULTIVATION: The time of introduction to horticulture is not known, though the plant was certainly well established ca. 1966. Cultural requirements are the same as L. nitidum. Propagation must be by vegetative means to ensure retention of the cultivarís features.

PREVIOUS PUBLICATION: E.E. Lord, "Shrubs and Trees for Australian Gardens", 4th edition (revised 1964) as L. nitidum 'Macrocarpum'; "Australian Plants" Vol.4. p214 and pages 368-369 as L. nitidum 'Macrocarpum'; Austraflora catalogue 1978.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC273;ACRA376; CBG9105989/068876.