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Grevillea 'Old Gold'

Formerly: Grevillea 'Austraflora Old Gold'

ORIGIN: Grevillea ' Old Gold' is presumed to be a hybrid between G. ilicifolia and G. juniperina (prostrate yellow form). The originator is Mr Grant Mattingley of Blackburn, Victoria. Cultivar first received by the Authority in September 1982. The applicant is Austraflora Nurseries Pty Ltd, PO Box 146, Montrose, Victoria 3756.

DESCRIPTION: Grevillea ' Old Gold' is a shrub of medium to high density which grows to a height of about 30cm and width of about 1m. The leaves usually have from 4-5 pungent tipped lobes but are occasionally entire. The flowers are arranged in semi-erect clusters and are greyed yellow with pink styles which fade to apricot. They are most prolific from July-October with a further flush in late Summer-Autumn. There is no new foliage growth at the peak of flowering.

DIAGNOSIS: The outstanding feature of the plant is the new growth of the foliage which is yellow gold and contrasts with the darker green of the more mature leaves. This cultivar differs from its parents mainly in foliage characteristics. The leaves of G. juniperina are totally different, being narrow and linear, the only similarity being the pungent tips. G. ' Old Gold' shares the lobed leaf characteristic of G. ilicifolia but he latter has nore obtuse lobes and does not have lighter coloured new growth. G. ilicifolia also differs in having red, toothbrush type flower clusters. The flowers of G. ' Old Gold' are more like those of G. juniperina which can also have greenish yellow clusters but which has much broader styles and style ends than G. ' Old Gold'.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

perianth tube: greyed yellow group 160A-161A

style: orange red group 31C - red group 37A

stigma: yellow green group 144A

foliage: near yellow green group 153B maturing to 147A

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC286, ACRA125/84, CBG8408059/8213113