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Grevillea 'Bonnie Prince Charlie'

NOTE: Originally Grevillea 'Austraflora MK.2'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' is a hybrid between G. rosmarinifolia and G. alpina (a form from the Grampians). It arose in cultivation at Austraflora Nursery, Montrose, Victoria. It is named for Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in September 1982. Registration applied for by Molyneux Nurseries Pty Ltd of Montrose, Victoria.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a moderately dense shrub to 60cms tall by ca. 1m wide. The branches are reasonably erect off the main stem but arch further down their length. The leaves are lanceolate and are between 2 and 3cm long by 1 to 3mm wide and darker on the upper surface. The margins are rolled under. The leaves terminate with a short, recurved mucronate tip and are covered with sparse silky hairs both above and below. The new foliage and branchlets are densely covered with brownish hairs. The flowers are found in terminal racemes on the branchlets. They are orange red at the base of the perianth and dark red along the spine becoming bright yellow-green on the perianth limb. The perianth is almost glabrous with some scattered silky hairs. The style is ca 2cm long, densely covered with silky hairs on the ovary and occasional hairs along the style. The flowering season is from August to September and late summer to autumn in Melbourne.



G. alpina

G. 'Bonnie Prince Charlie'

G. rosmarinifolia


up to 1cm long; dense hairs under; moderately hairy above; flat to slightly recurved margins; obtuse to acute apices; new growth densely hairy

2-3cm long; moderately dense silky hairs under; sparsely hairy above; recurved margins; short recurved mucronate tip pungent apiculate; new growth densely hairy

2-5cm long; scattered silky hairs under; glabrous above; recurved margins; pungent apiculate tip; new growth moderately hairy


perianth densely hairy ovary densely hairy scattered silky hairs for full length of style

perianth with scattered silky hairs ovary with dense dense silky hairs scattered silky hairs for full length of style

perianth glabrous ovary with dense silky hairs glabrous towards end of style


Grevillea 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' is the same hybrid cross as Grevillea '(Austraflora) McDonald Park'. The former has more open and firmer foliage and the leaf margins are recurved as compared flat to slightly recurved. The leaves are also slightly longer (ca 3cm). Grevillea '(Austraflora) McDonald Park' is 15cm tall by 60cm across and Grevillea 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' is 60cm tall by up to 1m across. The general habit of Grevillea 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' is more upright.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Code 1966

base of perianth: Red Group 42B

spine of perianth: Red Group 46A

perianth limb: Yellow-Green Group 154B

CULTIVATION NOTES: This cultivar was selected in the late 1970's. The drought hardiness has not been tested though the applicant considers it would be tolerant. It is frost hardy. Grevillea 'Bonnie Prince Charlie’ will grow in dry to moist well-drained positions in full sun to semi-shade. It is a useful container plant and has bird-attract qualities. The cultivar must be grown by vegetative means to ensure retention of its desirable characteristics.

PREVIOUS PUBLICATIONS: "The Austraflora Handbook" produced by the staff of Austraflora Nursery in 1984.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC287; ACRA09/85; CBG8312948/8213114.