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Philotheca 'Poorinda'

Formerly: Eriostemon 'Poorinda'

ORIGIN: Philotheca 'Poorinda' is thought, on the basis of it's intermediacy, to be the result of a cross between a large leaved form of Philotheca myoporoides (formerly Eriostemon myoporoides) and a pink form of Philotheca verrucosa (formerly Eriostemon verrucosus). The cultivar was first received by the Authority on 1 September 1982. Registration has been applied for by Mr L Hodge, then of Mt Lookout Road, Bairnsdale, now of Harris Street, Corryong, 3707.

DESCRIPTION: Eriostemon 'Poorinda' grows to 1.5m tall and about .8m across. The branches are glabrous, verrucose, and of medium density. The leaves are obovate with a broadly obtuse apex and about 4cm long and 1.2cm wide. The lower surface is dotted with numerous small glandular verrucosities. The inflorescence is an axillary pedunculae cluster of up to four flowers, each cluster measuring about 1.8cm across. The buds are bright pink opening to white with a pale pink tinge where the colour shows through.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar attains a height intermediate between P. verrucosa (0.3-.6m) and P. myoporoides (up to 2m). The leaves are in the shorter range of P. myoporoides which can be from 1.5-11cm long and they are much larger than P. verrucosa which has leaves up to 1.5cm. Philotheca 'Poorinda' is much less prominent than P. myoporoides. The flowers are in larger clusters than P. verrucosa where they are usually solitary but they are fewer than for P. myoporoides which may have 4-6 flowers per cluster. The petals are pink in bud and white when open like those of P. verrucosa but a little longer, being closer in size to P. myoporoides.

OTHER COMMENTS: This cultivar is both frost and drought hardy. Flowering occurs from spring to summer. It has been in cultivation since 1965. Vegetative propagation must be used to ensure the cultivar form.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Code 1966

buds: red group 55A/B

corolla: underside red group 55B

upperside: white

anthers: orange group 25A

foliage: green group 137B