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Grevillea 'Eileen Rose'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Eileen Rose' was a seedling from a hybrid which closely resembled Grevillea 'Misty Pink', the latter being a cross between G. sessilis and a red flowered form of G. banksii. The seedling was raised by J Sked from a plant growing in the garden of E Prescott of Albany Creek in 1977. The plant is named after Ms Prescott. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in November 1982. Registration applied for by Ms J Sked of Queensland.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar grows from 1.5-2m tall by up to 2m across and has a fairly open habit. The foliage is greyish and similar in size and shape to Grevillea 'Misty Pink'. The flowers are in terminal spikes between 10-15cm long and are a deep rosy pink with pink styles. Flowers measure ca. 12cm long by 5cm across. Flowering is continuous throughout the year.


Grevillea 'Eileen Rose'

Grevillea 'Misty Pink'

ca. 2m tall x 1.5m wide

3-5m tall x 1.5m tall

deep pink flowers

soft pink flowers

with pink styles

with orange cream styles

open habit

densely foliaged


Generally Grevillea 'Eileen Rose' is a smaller shrub than Grevillea 'Misty Pink' with deeper pink flowers and with more open habit.

CULTIVATION NOTES: The growing requirements for this species are similar to those needed for Grevillea 'Misty Pink'. It has withstood dry periods in Brisbane but its frost hardiness has not been fully tested. It is likely to be burnt by heavy frosts.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Code 1966

perianth tube: between red group 54B and C

style: red group 51C