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Blechnum 'Forcett Feather'

Blechnum nudum 'Forcett Feather'

ORIGIN: Blechnum 'Forcett Feather ' is a form of Blechnum nudum which was selected from the wild at Copping, near Forcett, about half way between Hobart and Port Arthur. The selection was made by Mr Michael Garrett of Berriedale, Tasmania. Cultivar first received by the Authority in June 1983. The applicants are Mr C Allen and Mr M Garrett, Berriedale, Tasmania 7011.

DESCRIPTION: Blechnum 'Forcett Feather' is a bipinnatifid form of the species. It grows to a height and width of about 60cm with an upright, slightly arching habit. The outstanding features of this cultivar are the featherlike fronds. They are irregularly bipinnatifid; in the upper half of the frond the pinnae margins have reduced crenate divisions for about 2/3 of their length then become more deeply lobed towards the tip. The pinnulae in the lower half of the frond are wider and more obtuse with irregular lobes extending as much as 1.5cm further than the others. The "fertile" fronds have much the same characteristics but are smaller, "skeletonized" versions and do not produce spores.

DIAGNOSIS: Blechnum 'Forcett Feather is a smaller plant than usual B. nudum which can grow up to 1.2m tall. The pinnae of B. nudum are entire whereas B. 'Forcett Feather' is distinctly bipinnatifid. Sometimes B. nudum becomes lobed under ideal conditions but this character is not easily retained in cultivation. B. 'Forcett Feather' retains the character when propagated from stolons.

OTHER COMMENTS: This cultivar does not produce spores but may be propagated from stolons. Tissue culture may also be used. It is frost hardy but will not tolerate drought. B. 'Forcett Feather' has been in cultivation since 1980. It grows well and retains lobing even in full sun.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC302, ACRA007/093, CBG8309378/8405579/8309378