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Anigozanthos 'Copper Charm'

ORIGIN: Anigozanthos'Copper Charm' is a manipulated hybrid plant developed from A. preissii (female) and A. flavidus (male). It was first cultivated in 1973. The name refers to the flower colour. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in 1983. Registration applied for by Mr K Oliver, Parkwood, Western Australia.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar has glossy green leaves to 40cm long. The flowers stems are up to 1.7m tall, flowers are orange in colour and the anthers are cream. The flowers are mainly found from September to November in Western Australia.


A. flavidus: 2m tall; flowers from October to February; leaves are glabrous; flower stems are branched, flowers are tubular, 3-4cm long, densely hairy and the lobes are not turned back. The flowers are found in yellow-green, red and pink.

Anigozanthos 'Copper Charm' :1.7m tall; flowers from September to November; leaves are glossy green; flower stems are branched, flowers are tubular, ca 50mm long and orange in colour.

A. preissii: 0.6m tall; flowers from August to November; leaves are sparse and nearly terete, deciduous; flowers are tubular, ca 56mm long, covered in wooly hairs, lobes not reflexed, orange to yellow red in colour.

This cultivar is similar to Anigozanthos'Regal Claw', which has orange backs to the anthers.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

hairs on perianth tube: Red Group 44A

inside perianth tube: Yellow-Green Group 145A

filaments: Yellow-Green Group 149B

anthers: Greyed-Yellow 162A

The tube is covered in red and yellow hairs.