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Grevillea 'Green Glow'

NOTE: Originally Grevillea 'Wakiti Strata'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Green Glow' is a presumed hybrid between G. tetragonoloba and G. x gaudichaudii. It occurred as a chance seedling in a garden in Shepparton, Victoria. The name 'Green Glow' refers to the very bright green foliage of the cultivar.The cultivar was first received by the Authority in October 1983. Registration applied for by P and D Shiells,Shepparton.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a low spreading shrub to 1m tall and up to 2.5m across. The branches are long and arching, spreading outwards in horizontal layers.The leaves are deeply divided and similar in shape to the foliage of G. x gaudichaudii. The largest leaves are 6cm long by 4cm wide at the widest point. Each leaf lobe ends with a pungent point. The racemes are between 6 and 8cm long and terminal on branches and branchlets. The flowers are pale claret in colour and produced during the spring and summer months.

DIAGNOSIS: Grevillea 'Green Glow' differs from G. x gaudichaudii by its more upright habit but does not grow as high as G. tetragonoloba. The flowers of the cultivar differ from both parents. While the leaves more closely resemble those of G. x gaudichaudii, they are smaller in overall size and are a much brighter green. A similar cultivar from the same hybrid cross, Grevillea 'Wakiti Gem', differs in its prostrate and compact habit.

OTHER NOTES: The wide spreading habit of this plant makes it suitable for many garden situations, especially where a low plant is required to cover large areas. It is not particularly dense. It is hardy to -10 degrees C of frost and has also proven to be very drought tolerant, having been through severe drought years without watering. A full sun position is best for maximum flowering potential. The cultivar must be grown by vegetative means to ensure its features are retained.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

styles: red group 53D

new leaves: close to yellow green group 144A

old leaves: close to yellow green group 147A