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Pultenaea 'Wallum Gold'

Pultenaea villosa 'Wallum Gold'

ORIGIN: Pultenaea 'Wallum Gold' is a low growing form of Pultenaea villosa. It was selected from a batch of seedlings grown from seed collected on the Sunshine Coast and grown by Fairhill Native Plants of Yandina, Queensland. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in November 1983. Registration applied for by Fairhill Native Plants.

DESCRIPTION: Pultenaea 'Wallum Gold' has a low spreading habit, growing fairly quickly to a width of 1.5m and a height of 0.4m. Flowers are gold in colour and are most prolific from autumn to spring, with occasional flowers appearing during the remainder of the year.

DIAGNOSIS: This form is currently included under the name Pultenaea villosa though it is likely that this nomenclature will be revised in any future revision of the genus. The cultivar differs from the more usual form of P. villosa in its low, almost prostrate habit.

OTHER COMMENTS: Forms of P. villosa (as it is currently known) are known to occur naturally to a height of less than 1m in the coastal areas of northern NSW and Southern Queensland. Pultenaea 'Wallum Gold' was selected on the basis that its almost prostrate form is relatively uncommon. Cuttings of the original plant have been grown in a variety of conditions including dry clay and moist sandy soils, full sun and part shade. They have all thrived and retained the habit and eventual size of the original plant. This cultivar must be grown by vegetaive means to preserve the cultivar form.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

corolla: yellow orange group 12A

foliage: green group 137A