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Anigozanthos 'Spence's Spectacular'

ORIGIN: Anigozanthos 'Spence's Spectacular' is a hybrid of A. preissii and A. flavidus. It was bred by I R Dixon of Western Australia and named for the late Tom Spence, a past Director of the Perth Zoo. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in November 1982. The applicant is Mr John Hickman on behalf of the Perth Zoo Social Club, South Perth.

DESCRIPTION: The stems are up to 0.8m tall, almost glabrous but becoming more hairy towards the inflorescence. The flowers are in brached racemes on stalks to ca. 7mm long. The stem is covered with plumose hairs which is red over the ovary, gradually becoming light orange and then darkening towards the lobes giving a dull red brown appearance. The perianth tube is ca. 4.5cm long with dense, plumose silvery hairs inside. The anthers are linear and not as long as the filaments, with a very prominent brown appendage on the connective. There are at least 12 ovules per locule.

DIAGNOSIS: The cultivar differs form A. preissii in having a shorter corolla tube and the two outer lobes are more reflexed. The flowering stem is more branched, generally having three branches (A. preisii only having two). The length of the flowering stem is much longer than A.preisssii. The leaves are much broader, a deeper green with a tinge of red and longer than A. preissii. They are deciduous and usually die off by mid summer in Western Australia. Anigozanthos 'Spence's Spectacular' has a longer and much broader corolla tube than A. flavidus. The anthers are green with a light brown tinge. They are always orange on A. flavidus and bend back at an angle of 45 degrees. The flower stems are much shorter than A. flavidus and are less branched. The leaves ar more upright and narrower than A. flavidus and they are not evergreen. It is similar to Anigozanthos 'Regal Claw', but is darker in colour than Anigozanthos 'Regal Claw'.

CULTIVATION NOTES: Anigozanthos 'Spence's Spectacular' has a flowering season from October to November in WA. It has been in cultivation since 1972. Vegetative propagation must be used to preserve the cultivar form.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

perianth tube: overall colour varies from red group 44A to yellow

green group 151D

leaves: green group 138A

REFERENCE SPECIMEN: Accession Number 318.