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Eucalyptus 'Golden Crown'

Eucalyptus scoparia 'Golden Crown'

ORIGIN: Eucalyptus 'Golden Crown' arose as a seedling from a batch of seed of E. scoparia grown at the Goldup Nursery at Mt Evelyn, Victoria in 1981. The seed was collected from a tree growing at Mt Evelyn. The cultivar was first received by the authority in January 1984. Registration applied for by Mr and Mrs P Goldup, Goldup Nursery, Mt Evelyn, Victoria.

DESCRIPTION: At the time of application this cultivar had not yet reached its mature size. The new foliage of this plant is a bronze colour, gradually turning gold. As the foliage matures, the gold changes to a lime green colour. The foliage contrasts well with the red branchlets.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar can easily be distinguished from the typical E. scoparia by the pale coloured mature foliage.

CULTIVATION NOTES: Because this cultivar is still young, all cultivation details have not yet been fully tested. It is unlikely that the tree will not be as vigorous nor reach the ultimate size of Eucalyptus scoparia. The plant is being tissue cultured for a release in the near future. Grafting is another possible method that could be used. These types of vegetative propagation must be used to ensure retention of the cultivar features.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

leaves: yellow group 7A-7B

stems: red group 46A though lighter on the younger branchlets