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Grevillea 'Coconut Ice'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Coconut Ice' is a hybrid plant grown from seed collected from G. bipinnatifida. The male parent was G. banksii (white flowered form), more commonly known as G. banksii 'Alba'. The seedling was raised by Mr M Hodge of Queensland and released commercially by Lakkari Native Plant Nursery in 1984. T he cultivar was first received by the Authority in April 1984. Registration applied for by Mr. B Arthur of Woodridge, Queensland.

DESCRIPTION: The cultivar grows to ca. 2m tall x 1-2m across. The plant has bright green foliage and is of medium density. The new growth is covered with fine red hairs. The flowers are in terminal racemes ca.15cm long by 9cm diameter and are also covered with red hairs. Individual flowers are red/pink with dark red styles and flowers are found all year round in warmer climates. The plant is said to not set seed.

DIAGNOSIS: Grevillea 'Coconut Ice' is the same cross as Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon' and Grevillea 'Mason's Hybrid' (otherwise known as Grevillea 'Ned Kelly'). It differs in the following ways:

G.'Robyn Gordon'

G.'Coconut Ice'

G.'Mason's Hybrid'


soft, greenish leaves

stiff, upright, greyish leaves

style slightly hooked

style hooked

red flowers

red/pink flowers

apricot flowers

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Code 1966

style tip: Red Group 53B

style: Red Group 46D

perianth tube: Red Group 38A

perianth limb: Yellow-Orange Group 22C

CULTIVATION NOTES: Grevillea 'Coconut Ice' performs best in an open to semi-shaded situation in well-drained soils. Severe frosts (-3?C and below) burns the softer new growth, but mild frosts are tolerated. The applicant advises that this cultivar is less susceptible to leaf spotting and other fungal problems. It responds well to pruning, helping to keep a more compact shape. The cultivar must be propagated by vegetative means to preserve the cultivar form.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC325, ACRA046/048, CBG8404426/8405330/9203740