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Acacia 'Parsons Cascade'

Acacia iteaphylla 'Parsons Cascade'

ORIGIN: Acacia 'Parsons Cascade' is a low growing form of the Acacia iteaphylla which originated as a variant in a batch of seedlings raised at Parsons Native Plant Nursery in Victoria. Cultivar first received by the Authority in june 1984. The applicant is Mr LG Parsons, Parsons Native Plant Nursery, 33 Research-Warrandyte Road, Research, Victoria 3095.

DESCRIPTION: A. 'Parsons Cascade' differs from other known forms of the species in its low arching, almost pendulous habit. It grows to a height of about .5m and a width of up to 4m. in its usual form A. iteaphylla is a medium to tall shrub 3--5m high x 3-6m wide. Other features of this cultivar are as for A. iteaphylla.

OTHER COMMENTS: Acacia 'Parsons Cascade' has good vigour, growing to a spread of 2m in heavy clay soils in 1 year. It flowers from April to July and is frost and drought hardy. To retain its low spreading form, A. 'Parsons Cascade' should only be propagated by cuttings as it does not breed true from seed.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

phyllodes: yellow green group 147B

flower heads: close to yellow group 7A

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC327, ACRA157/065, CBG8413939/8405340