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Grevillea 'Golden Glory'

Grevillea tenuiloba 'Golden Glory'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Golden Glory' is a form of Grevillea tenuiloba originally collected at Mullewa in Western Australia. The original selection was made by Mr R Aitken. The name refers to the flower colour. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in August 1984. Registration applied for by R Aitken of the Wildflower Nursery Wanneroo.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar is an orange flowered form of the species. The foliage is a bright green in colour. The more usual form of the species has pink red flowers and slightly greyish foliage. The plant is described by the applicant as being very floriferous. However, the usual form of the species is also very floriferous and comparison of the cultivar specimen with specimens of the more usual form does not indicate that density of flowering is a major distinguishing feature.

CULTIVATION NOTES: The applicant has also stated that the plant has proved very drought tolerant and is fairly hardy to frost. Propagation should be by vegetative means to ensure retention of the cultivar features.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour chart 1966

buds: yellow green group 151A

pollen presenter: yellow orange group 20A

style: orange group 26A

perianth: greyed orange group 172C

leaves: green group 137A to yellow green group 144A