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Eucalyptus 'Dale Chapman'

Eucalyptus camaldulensis 'Dale Chapman'

ORIGIN: Eucalyptus 'Dale Chapman' originated as a seedling from a batch of Eucalyptus camaldulensis seed obtained by Mr Dale Chapman of the South Eastern Experiment Station, Forest Service, United States Department of Agriculture at Fort Meyers in Florida. Mr Chapman planted the seedling in 1978. The resulting tree was first propagated from cuttings in 1982. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in July 1986. Registration was applied for by Professor Sachs of the Department of Environmental Horticulture of the University of California.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar was selected for its rapid growth in dense plantations. The tree has a strong central leader with a minimum of lateral branching. It coppices readily and is reproduced by vegetative propagation. 

CULTIVATION NOTES: Eucalyptus 'Dale Chapman' has been grown from vegetatively propagated material in California since 1982. High percentage strikes are possible under standard mist propagation conditions. It has been estimated to produce 127 tonnes dry per hectare per year, plantations of 6250 trees per hectare.

OTHER NOTES: This cultivar has tolerated temperatures as low as -6.6°C and could possibly survive lower temperatures. Dale Chapman selected this plant from subsequent propagation. Since 1976 he has been involved in the selection of Eucalyptus and other species for biomass plantations in California, much of it at his own expense. The cultivar is being named after him in honour of the work he has done in this field. The cultivar must be grown by vegetative means to ensure the cultivar form.