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Boronia 'Carousel'

ORIGIN: The origin of Boronia 'Carousel' is somewhat obscure, though the applicant believes it was originally selected from the wild in the Albany district of Western Australia. The selection is thought to have been made by Forest Native Nursery of Duffy's Forest, NSW around 1983. The cultivar is reputed to be a hybrid between B. molloyae and B. heterophylla. The cultivar was first received in April 1987. Registration applied for by Yellow Rock Native Nursery, Winmallee, NSW.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a moderately dense upright shrub, growing from 1-4 metres tall, but usually is 2m tall by 1.5m wide. The foliage is a very dark green. The flowers occur in mid spring (late October to early November in Sydney), are pink in colour aging to a deep red. The petals last for a long period.


Boronia 'Carousel': An upright shrub 1-4 metres tall by 1.5m wide. Leaves pinnate to 35mm long, leaflets to 10mm long, dark green and mainly glabrous (some scattered hairs along main vein). Flowers bell shaped, ca. 8mm long, solitary, petals bright pink aging to deep red. Flowers October-November.

Boronia heterophylla (Red or Kalgan Boronia): An upright, bushy shrub to 3m tall by 2m wide though usually smaller and narrower. Leaves pinnate or simple to 50mm long, leaflets to 30mm long, dark green and glabrous. Flowers bell shaped, ca. 10mm long, solitary, petals reddish-pink and fade as they age, slightly fragrant. Flowers can be found between August-November.

Boronia molloyae (Tall Boronia): An upright to spreading shrub 1-4m tall by 1-2m wide. Leaves pinnate, 20-50mm long, dark green and hairy, aromatic. Flowers bell like, ca. 5mm long, solitary, pinkish-red, not fading with age. Flowers October-January

The main characteristics of importance are the length of time the flowers are held and the retention of the colour of the flowers as they age.

 CULTIVATION NOTES: Boronia 'Carousel' is a vigorous plant and has been reported to be hardier and more tolerant of Phytophthora than either of the parent species. It has poor tolerance to drought conditions and is tolerant of moderate frost levels. Cultivation is as for B. heterophylla. The cultivar makes an excellent cut flower and is commercially grown for this purpose in some areas.

 COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Code 1966

Petals can vary but occur in the range Red Group 52A, B, C, & D plus 53 C & D.

ACRA REFRENCES: ACC398; ACRA240/451; CBG8701129/8910943.