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Telopea 'Errinundra White'

Telopea oreades 'Errinundra White'

NOTE: First received as 'Plateau View Alba', then changed to 'Plateau View White'. Finally registered as 'Errinundra White'.

ORIGIN: Telopea 'Errinundra White' was selected from naturally occurring white Telopea oreades plants on Errinundra Plateau in far east Gippsland, Victoria, by Mr W Cramer. The Cultivar was first received by the Authority in March 1990. Application applied for by Mr. W Cramer, Goongerah, Victoria.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a white flowered selection with other characteristics as for the species. T. oreades is a small tree with showy red inflorescences. Leaves are oblanceolate, alternate, simple, entire, dark green and shiny above, slightly glaucous beneath, borne on a petiole ca. 5mm long; a prominent raised midrib below, sunken on the upper surface. Flowers are borne in large terminal racemes in spring and early summer. Fruit is a brown, leathery follicle 60-70mm long with a curved persistent style 30-40mm long.

DIAGNOSIS: The cultivar is distinguished by its white flowers. All other characteristics are those of the species.

CULTIVATION: This cultivar has been vegetatively propagated since 1987. Cultivation requirements are apparently the same as for the species. It is reported to be frost hardy, however its tolerance to drought would be questionable, even though this has not been tested. Propagation must be by vegetative means to preserve the cultivar form.

COLOUR CODE: R.H.S.Colour Chart 1966.

older flowers: Yellow-White Group 158C

 ACRA REFERENCES: ACC403, ACRA510/463, CBG9312238/9003689