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Agonis 'Denmark Delight'

Agonis flexuosa 'Denmark Delight'

NOTE: Specimen received as Agonis Nana Superior Form

ORIGIN: Agonis 'Denmark Delight' is a selection from a natural population of Agonis flexuosa growing near Denmark, Western Australia. The selection was made by Mr R Horler of Arbor Farm Nursery in 1984. The parent plant has since been destroyed by the Shire Council grader when grading the roadside verge. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in June 1988. Registration applied for by Mr R Horler of Denmark, Western Australia.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a very dense dwarf form growing to ca. 1.7m tall by up to 2m wide. The branchlets are pendulous at a very early age, with the leaves being of similar size to the common form of A. flexuosa. The stems are reddish and the new growth is pink to red. The cultivar has not been seen to flower.

DIAGNOSIS: There are a number of cultivars that have arisen from A. flexuosa. A. flexuosa 'Fairy Foliage' is very distinct because of its very reduced leaf blade and A. flexuosa 'Variegata' by its variegated foliage. A. flexuosa 'Nana' is probably the closest to A. flexuosa 'Denmark Delight' but the two can easily be distinguished as A. flexuosa 'Nana' grows up to 3m tall and has much wider leaves.

CULTIVATION NOTES: This cultivar has been under trial for four years and has been constant in its characteristics. It is quite drought hardy but is susceptible to frosts. Basic cultivation conditions required are as for A. flexuosa. Vegetative propagation must be used to retain the cultivar form.

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