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Melaleuca 'Little Beauty'

Melaleuca thymifolia 'Little Beauty'

ORIGIN: Melaleuca 'Little Beauty' was selected by Mr Peter Goldup of Goldup Nurseries in 1985. The cultivar arose as a chance seedling of Melaleuca thymifolia. The cultivar name refers to its small and compact habit and the large flower clusters that it bears. The cultivar was first received in July 1988. Registration was applied for by Goldup Nurseries of Victoria.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a compact and dense shrub growing to ca. 0.3m tall by 0.6m wide. It flowers over most of the year except the winter months. The flowers are mauve and up to 20mm in diameter. The plant otherwise resembles M. thymifolia.

DIAGNOSIS: M. thymifolia 'Little Beauty' differs from the more usual forms of the species in the flower colour, the density in which the flowers are borne and its compact, dense habit. The flowers on this cultivar are borne in dense clusters across the top of the plant as compared to the scattered axillary clusters of flowers found in the normal form of the species.

CULTIVATION NOTES: This cultivar starts off almost prostrate for the first few years of its life. Pruning helps keep the plant more compact and assists in the production of more flowering wood. All other details of cultivation are the same as for the species.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

The flowers grade from Red Group 55B to greyed purple group 185D. The flowers when taken apart are close to the 55B but as a whole inflorescence more closely match 185D.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC438, ACRA464/500, CBG 9003844/9101933