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Lechenaultia 'Park Pride'

ORIGIN: A wild collection by members of the Western Australian Wildflower Society from Devils Creek Road, near western entrance to Fitzgerald National Park, 1985. Putative natural hybrid of Lechenaultia floribunda x Lechenaultia tubiflora. Brought into Kings Park by members of the society and propagated initially by tissue culture. Parent plant now thought to be dead.

DESCRIPTION: Open prostrate habit 40-120mm high by 150-250mm wide with potential to become wider. Short vertical flowering branches arise from the main horizontal branches which radiate from a single stem. Leaves are green, 5-6mm long and terete. Flowers tubular, tube 10mm long, split to base along upper surface, pale purple pink. Lobes 5, 6-8mm long, lower 3 winged, upper 2 pointed with reduced wings, cream pink inner and wings. Sepals 5, free, green, 4mm long, 1mm wide. Stamens 5, filaments 4mm long, anthers basifixed, yellow. Stigma, indusium 2mm broad, purple pink, held at mouth of corolla tube. Style 10mm long. Fruit 12-15mm long, terminated by persistent sepals. Perpetual flowering in cultivation.

DIAGNOSIS: Characterised by prostrate habit with significantly improved vigour over purported parents. The flower shape is intermediate between L. floribunda and L. tubiflora. Colour is distinctive, not observed in either parents or other Lechenaultia species. Perpetual flowering in cultivation.

CULTIVATION: Propagates readily from cuttings and grows well in containers. Moderately resistant to drought. Frost resistance is unknown. Difficult to establish in open ground, in poor sandy soils, at Kings Park.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

Tube: purple group 77C

Lobes: white group 155A

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC439, ACRA300, CBG8802721. Also Kings Park Accession Number C75/89/8/91, Kings Park Herbarium Specimen GB139.