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Callistemon 'Ngungun Red'

ORIGIN: A seedling from the primary hybrid C. recurvus x C. salignus planted in 1981 by Mrs E J Morgan of Pikes Road, Glasshouse Mountains, Qld. 4518. Ngungun is the name of one of the Glasshouse Mountains near which the plant was raised. It is from the same batch of seed as C. 'Glasshouse Country' and C. 'Glasshouse Gem' but differs from both in flower colour as these are pink. Received by ACRA on 15 September 1988. The applicant was Mrs E J Morgan.

DESCRIPTION: The shrub is erect with a somewhat vase-shaped habit, to 2 m across by 5 m high at the top. Bark is grey and fissured. Leaves are mid-green, narrow-ellipitcal, to .7cm wide by 6 cm long. The young growth is deep pink to red and clothed with silky appressed hairs. Mature leaves are glabrous. Flowers are produced in spring. Inflorescences are up to 4 cm across by 7 cm long with new growth apparent at flowering time. The anther filaments are burgundy and the anthers are gold.

DIAGNOSIS: The flowers are different to other seedlings of this cross. The filaments are burgundy with yellow anthers.

CULTIVATION NOTES: This cultivar is said to be vigorous and very floriferous. It is drought hardy and the young growth is attractive.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

filaments:close to Red Group 53A

anthers: close to Yellow Group 4A


SYNONYMS: Sold by Redlands Special School Nursery as C. 'Ngun Ngun'.