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Grevillea 'Orange Marmalade'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Orange Marmalade' is probably a cross between G. venusta and G. glossadenia and arose as a seedling in the garden of R & G Norris of Burbank in Queensland. The name refers to the flower colour which resembles the colour of orange marmalade. The cultivar was originally selected for commercial propagation by a nursery in 1986. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in September 1988. Registration applied for by Mr R Brown of Bulli, NSW.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar grows into an open shrub to 2.5m tall by 2m wide. Leaves ca. 70mm long, densely covered beneath with closely appressed grey velvety hairs. Leaf veins coated with short brown hairs which are also present on the stems. Upper surface appears glabrous but is sparsely coated with very short appressed silky hairs. Flowers are borne in short terminal racemes and are found sporadically throughout the year; perianth tube curved and densely covered in brown and grey hairs; style ca. 25mm long, reddish-black in colour with a thick covering of long brown hairs along full length of style, large tufts of brown and grey hairs at base of style.


G. venusta: Erect, spreading shrub 2-4m X 2-5m; leaves 100-200mm long lobed or entire, silky hairy underneath with rusty hairs along the veins; flowers green and orange, appressed rusty hairs on perianth; styles reddish-black, 25mm long, coated in silky hairs, racemes loose but erect, 20-60mm long and terminal on short branchlets. Flowers most of the year

G. 'Orange Marmalade': Open shrub 2.5m tall X 2m wide; leaves entire 70mm long, silky hairy underneath with rusty hairs along veins; flowers orange , perianth clothed in brown and grey hairs; style is erect, ca. 25mm long and has thick covering of brown hairs with large tufts of hair at the base; flowers in short terminal racemes.

G. glossadenia: Shrub 1-2m X 1-2m wide; leaves 50-120mm long, greyish-hairy beneath; flowers orange, red & yellow, spider shape, perianth hairy; style 20-27mm long, flowers in dense clusters winter & spring but spasmodic

CULTIVATION NOTES: This cultivar does well in a sunny, well drained position. It is said to have a medium tolerance to drought. Frost tolerance is not good, and it does better in warmer climates. Propagation must be by vegetative means to preserve the cultivar form.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

style: near Greyed-Orange Group 175A

perianth tube (upper): Red Group 47B

Perianth tube (lower):Yellow-Orange Group 20A