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Grevillea 'Nectar Delight'

ORIGIN: The origin of Grevillea 'Nectar Delight' is a garden at Ringwood in Victoria. It is believed to be a hybrid between G. x gaudichaudii and G. acanthifolia. The name refers to the copious supply of nectar produced by the cultivar. The cultivar was first received in November 1988. Application for registration received from Mr R Elliot of Victoria.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a decumbent shrub to 300mm tall by up to 2m across. Leaves deeply divided, 45mm-70mm long, 45mm-55mm wide, usually bipinnate, with broad tapering wedge-shaped lobes, often again divided with shorter secondary triangular lobing. Apex of lobes with a long pungent point. Margins shortly recurved. Upper surface smooth, glabrous; lower surface with occasional scattered hairs particularly on the veins; prominent midvein and lateral venation on both surfaces. Flowers in dense secund inflorescences; terminal, often on short lateral branchlets; simple, erect, 52mm-65mm long, ca.20mm-30mm wide. Floral rhachis densely hairy, with mixed matted silky fawn hairs and erect wavy tan hairs. Bracts shortly ovate, persistant and prominent in bud. Perianth with dense appressed hairs outside, glabrous inside, 10mm long by 2.5mm wide. Pistil 21-23mm long, stipe 2mm long, densely hairy; ovary densely hairy with long cream to tan spreading hairs; style glabrous; pollen presenter lateral, stigma prominent.


Grevillea acanthifolia: Dwarf to medium shrub, 0.3m-2.5m tall; branches prostrate to ascending; leaves 30mm-75mm long by 35mm wide, pinnatelydivided nearly to the midrib into 9-15 segments, lobes prickly; flowers pink to pinkish purple, toothbrush type, racemes 25mm-100mm long, terminal in upper axils, style pink to red and 20mm long, perianth pinkish purple

 Grevillea x gaudichaudii: Prostrate to 300m high by 2m-5m across; branches prostrate to procumbent; leaves 110mm by 75mm, ovate and deeply divided into 5-9 segments, turning reddish in cooler months; flowers deep pinkish red, racemes to 8omm long by 25mm wide, terminal or in upper axils, style deep bright red, 25mm long, perianth greyish-red.

 Grevillea 'Nectar Delight': Decumbent shrub to 300mm high by 2m across; branches horizontal; leaves 45mm-70mm long and deeply divided into 5-8 segments; flowers in dense terminal racemes, 50mm-65mm long by 20-23mm wide; style deep dusty pink; perianth cream to browny-grey.

The main distinguishing features of the cultivar are its decumbent habit; the foliage is intermediate between the parents; the inflorescence is larger than in G. x gaudichaudii, but are pinker; the flowers are redder than G. acanthifolia.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

style: Greyed-Purple Group 184D

base of perianth: Yellow-White Group 158A (browny-grey at perianth lobes)

CULTIVATION: Both parents tolerate heavy to wet soils for periods of time but do better with good drainage. A sunny to semi-shaded situation is preferred. Regular pruning will keep plants in active growth. It is a useful plant for embankments or moist sheltered, rocky sites. Propagation must be by vegetative means to preserve the cultivar form.