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Grevillea 'Ruby Clusters'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Ruby Clusters' arose as a chance seedling in a Melbourne Garden in 1976. It's parentage is thought to be G. shiresii and G speciosa ssp oleoides or a G. victoriae hybrid. The name refers to the clusters of ruby red flowers.The cultivar was selected by Mr R Elliot of Victoria. The cultivar was first received in November 1988. Application for registration received from R Elliot.

DESCRIPTION: A dense, rounded shrub 1-2m tall by 1-2m wide. Leaves are entire, narrow-elliptical to narrow lanceolate, 35mm-65mm long by 7-12mm wide, with a short (3-5mm) petiole, and a short non pungent mucro; margins shortly revolute; upper surface glabrous, dark green, with a prominent mid-vein and less prominent secondary venation, lower surface sparsely covered with a fine appressed indumentum, venation not prominent. Flowers in erect terminal inflorescences on short lateral branchlets, or occasionally axillary; simple or occasionally branched, ca.35mm long by 40mm wide. The floral rhachis lightly covered in appressed silky hairs just before the curve of the limb on the inside, 12mm long, 4-5mm wide, rectangular in shape, with limbs splitting into 4 separate filaments, while remaining united at the tepals. Pistil 27-30mm long, glabrous; stipe 6mm long, ovary barely swollen; pollen presenter broad, flattened, erect, stigma a prominent point.

DIAGNOSIS: The cultivar is characterised by the clusters of large ruby red curiously shaped flowers and the narrow, elliptical glabrous leaves. It differs from G. shiressii in having ruby red, not green flowers; smaller, narrow-elliptical leaves; smaller bushy shrub to 2m. The other parent is uncertain, but possibly G. speciosa subsp. oleoides or G. victoriae x G. juniperina hybrid.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

perianth: Red-Purple Group 59B

style: Red Group 55A

CULTIVATION: This cultivar is an extremely hardy plant, although not extremely floriferous. It is resistant to drought, poor drainage and frosts to -40C.