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Grevillea 'Jester'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Jester' is said to have arisen in cultivation in the garden of Joan Ester Bliaux of Gin Gin, Queensland 4671. It is said to be a hybrid between G. 'Honey Gem' (G. pteridifolia x banksii) and G. 'Coconut Ice' (G. bipinnatifida x banksii). It was selected by her son Richard Tomkin in 1987. First received 15 May 1989 and applied for by Mr Richard Tomkin, PO Box 2, Gin Gin, Queensland 4671.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a moderately dense spreading shrub to 3 m. It grows 2 to 2.5 m tall. The leaves are green above and much paler below. Flowers appear all year. Rhachis is 12-14 cm, long whorled form densely packed terminal. Each flower is 3-4 cm long and the style is deep orange-red; perianth tube is 1 cm long and pale orange outside and deeper on curved lobes. Light rose perfume. Leaves are grey, silky long, appressed and deeply lobed with a pungent mucronate tip; 20-21 cm long with recurved edges; leaf segments are angled upwards. Similar to 'Robyn Gordon'.

DIAGNOSIS: Grevillea 'Jester': Rachis 12-14cm. Leaves 20-21cm long, recurved margins;silky-grey appressed hairs and deeply lobed pungent mucronate tip. Flowers orange with deeper orange-red style. It is similar to G. 'Robyn Gordon'. Habit 2-2.5x3m and flowers all year.

G. 'Coconut Ice': Rachis 12-17cm. Leaves 10-15cm spreading, arching , dark green, shiny, deeply divided, Linear-lanceolate, apex mucronate. Flowers red-pink with dark red styles. Habit 1-1.5m x .5-1.5m and flowers all year.

G. 'Honey Gem': Rachis 10-16cm long. Leaves to 30cm, deeply divided and dark green above, grey below. Margins revolute and apex acuminate. Flowers apricot with yellow styles. Habit 3-6 x 2-4m with flowers July through December , some sporadic.

CULTIVATION NOTES: It is said to be medium hardy to drought and frost and resistant to most rot. Vegetative means of propagation maintains the best form.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

stigmatic plate: Red Group 44B stronger colour fading to orange red 33C

perianth lobes: Red Group 45A