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Brachyscome 'Evan'

Brachyscome multifida var. multifida 'Evan'

ORIGIN: Brachyscome 'Evan' was selected from a number of seedlings raised in Autumn 1987 from seed taken off a plant of B. multifida var multifida. The seed was raised by Mrs B Courtney in her garden at Frankston, Victoria. The name was chosen for the son of Mrs M Schaumann, the founder of the Australian Daisy Study Group. The cultivar is a possible cross between B. multifida var multifida and B. multifida var dilatata 'Breakoday'. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in February 1989. Registration applied for by Mrs B Courtney of the Australian Daisy Study Group.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a bushy perennial form with a cushion-like habit 100-150mm tall by up to 400mm across. The flowers are mauve, ca 12mm in diameter and occur from spring to autumn. The general morphology of the plant is as for B.multifida though is smaller in all dimensions.

DIAGNOSIS: B. 'Evan' has flowers more similar in colour to B. multifida var dilatata 'Breakoday'. The flowers though are much smaller, being ca. 12mm for 'Evan' and 20mm for 'Breakoday'. This is an immediate distinguishing characteristic. The foliage also is much reduced in size. B. multifida varies in flower colour and leaf variations and this cultivar was selected for its distinct characteristics of compact size and flower colour.

CULTIVATION NOTES: This cultivar has only been trialled in Canberra and Melbourne. It is a hardy and adaptable selection and will grow in the same conditions required for B. multifida var dilatata. It is highly suited to use in rockeries, borders or for hanging baskets. Propagation is best carried out by using underground suckers or by cuttings. Seed should not be used to propagate this form.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966.

ray florets: close to violet group 87A