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Lomandra 'Peak Alone Limeglow'

Lomandra longifolia 'Peak Alone Limeglow'

ORIGIN: This cultivar was found in 1981 as a seedling of Lomandra longifolia in the bed of the Tuross River near Peak Alone, N.S.W. It was named for the mountain and nearby property, and for the colour of the variegated foliage. The cultivar was submitted for registration in October 1989. The application was received from Pauline Evans, via Cobargo, NSW.

DESCRIPTION: Lomandra 'Peak Alone Limeglow' grows to a height of 40 to 45cm and up to 1m across. The minute cream and brown flowers appear in September to October. The main feature of the cultivar is the extremely attractive variegated foliage.

DIAGNOSIS: The main difference between this cultivar and the usual form of the species is the variegation of the leaves. The variegation is reasonably regular over the leaf blade and no reversion has been noted. It is said to be a more compact plant than the usual form.

CULTIVATION: To perpetuate this cultivar, it must be propagated by vegetative means, and division works well. It will grow in almost any soil and aspect, and has proven to be particularly hardy in cultivation. It also is a good pot plant and may be kept indoors. It is moderately frost and drought hardy. It is very useful as a colourful accent plant.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

Leaves: Yellow Green Group 154 C to Yellow Green Group 7 D.
The variegation is dispersed randomly over the leaves.
The remainder of the leaf is Green Group 146 A.

OTHER PUBLICATIONS: Plant Breeders Rights application under the names Lomandra 'Limeglow' and Lomandra 'Green 'n' Gold'. PBR applications withdrawn PVR Journal 8(3)53, 8(4)51. PBR application numbers 94/175, 94/183. Other PVR Journal refs. L.'Limeglow' 7(3)9, 8(4)75. L.'Green 'n' Gold 8(3)53