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Brachyscome 'Valencia'

ORIGIN: Brachyscome 'Valencia' arose as a seedling in the garden of Mrs P Shaw of Macgregor, Queensland, in 1987. The cultivar is said to be a hybrid between B. angustifolia var.heterophylla and B. segmentosa, as these plants were growing close by. Valencia is Mrs Shaw's middle name. Cultivar first received by the Authority in July 1989. Registration applied for by Mrs P Shaw, Macgregor, Queensland.

DESCRIPTION: Habit: This cultivar is a moderately dense, lowspreading perennial, 20cm tall by up to 75cm wide. Leaves: Dark Green and deeply divided and lobed, and up to 4cm long by 2cm wide. The lobes have rounded apices. Flowers: The ray florets are mauve in colour while the disk florets are yellow. The diameter of the flowerhead is ca. 4cm. The flowers are found all year round where tested in Queensland, with flower during the winter months being larger than during other seasons of the year. Flowering stems are erect and up to 15cm long.


Brachyscome angustifolia var. heterophylla: Habit: Prostrate to ascending perennial 10-30cm tall, spreading by means of rhizomes. Leaves: Light green, lobed, 3-5cm long by 2cm wide but variable. Leaves are clustered at the base of stems decreasing in size higher on the stems. The lobe apices are moderately pointed. Flowers: Ray florets blue, pink or mauve. Disk florets yellow. Flower head diameter 1.5-2cm. Flowering intermittent but more profuse in Autumn. Flowers are terminal on short leafless stalks.

Brachyscome segmentosa: Habit: Robust perennial 30-40cm tall by30-40cm wide with self-layering habit. Leaves: Bright green, lobed 3-7cm long by 1-2cm wide. Lobes deep and subdivided at apex. Leaves form rosette and are scattered up the stems. Flowers: Ray florets white, disc florets yellow. Corolla diameter 2.5-4cm. Flowers found intermittently all year in cultivation. Flowers terminal on scapes 20cm tall.

The leaves are intermediate between the suspected parent species. Brachsycome 'Valencia' leaves are larger than those of B. segmentosa.

CULTIVATION NOTES: The cultivar requires moist growing conditions for best results. It has a low drought resistance. Frost hardiness has not yet been tested but is likely to be moderate. Sun to semi-shade provide the best conditions. The plants have shown little susceptibility to insects and disease damage during the two years of trialling. The cultivar must be grown by vegetative means to preserve the cultivar form.

PREVIOUS PUBLICATION: SGAP Daisy Study Group Newsletter June 1990

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

ray florets: purple group 76B

disc florets: yellow group 9A

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC458, ACRA454, CBG8910946/9506148