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Callistemon 'Splendens'

Callistemon citrinus 'Splendens'

NOTE: Formerly Callistemon 'Endeavour'

ORIGIN: The origin of this cultivar is obscure as some sources claim it originated at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London and others claim it was first raised in New Zealand. It is a form of Callistemon citrinus. The cultivar was given the name Callistemon 'Endeavour' by Australian Nurserymen in 1970 and promoted as part of the bicentennial celebrations of Captain James Cook's landing in Australia. It has been in cultivation for over 30 years. Received by ACRA 14 December 1989. Applicant: Australian National Botanic Gardens.

DESCRIPTION: A rounded, compact shrub to 2m high by 2m across sometimes taller in ideal conditions. Leaves are lanceolate elliptical, 90mm long by 20mm wide. They young growth which emerges from the flower spike is pinkish and slightly hairy. The mature leaves are glabrous. The brilliant red flowers are borne prolifically in spikes to 12cm long by 7cm diameter. They are at their peak in late spring but are seen in other seasons in temperate areas.

DIAGNOSIS: The cultivar may be distinguished from other forms of C. citrinus by its very large, well displayed flower spikes and its compact habit.

CULTIVATION: This cultivar has proved reliable in most soils and sunny situations in termperate and sub-tropical areas. In tropical areas, the flowering period tends to be shorter. It is resistant to frosts and salt spray and is a good bird attractor.

COLOUR CODING: RHS Colour Code 1966 edition

filaments: red group 45B


C. citrinus var. splendens; C. citrinus 'Endeavour'; C. 'Endeavour'

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC459, ACRA449/160/182, CBG8910941/8502427 /8502764/9005644