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Callistemon 'Country Sprite'

ORIGIN: Callistemon 'Country Sprite' is a seedling of Callistemon 'Glasshouse Country' (an F2 hybrid of C. recurvus X C. salignus, ACRA registered number 357). It was selected in 1986 from a batch of seedlings grown in the home garden of Mrs E J Morgan. The name was chosen in reference to its parentage. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in February 1990. Registration applied for by Mrs E J Morgan, Glasshouse Mountains, Qld.

DESCRIPTION: Fairly loose, open shrub to 4-5m tall. The new growth is coppery pink. The leaves are narrowly elliptic to narrow-oblanceolate, 42-64mm long, and 6-9mm wide. The leaf stalk is 1-1.7mm long, margins slightly recurved (on herbarium specimens at least); reticulate venation clearly visible. Flower spike moderately open to relatively dense, ca. 35mm wide. Stamens ca. 44-50, ca. 15mm long, pink at the tip, pale at the base. Anthers yellow. Style exceeding stamens, pale green. Fruit not seen. Flowering period mostly spring and late summer.


Differs from C. 'Glasshouse Country' in:

flowers redder and larger

darker leaf colour of older leaves

larger leaves

prominent pale green styles

Differs from C. recurvus in:

pale flower colour with stamens pale at base

paler, longer and wider leaves

leaves with less recurved margins (at least in dry specimens)

As with C. 'Tin-Sal Glow' there is a superficial resemblance to pink forms of C. seiberi (syn. C. palludosus). However, the pale bases to the stamens and slightly recurved leaf margins of C. 'Country Sprite' are distinct.

CULTIVATION: Yet to be introduced to commerce (1991). It is a vigorous grower. Flowering noticeably improves with extra water. It has a medium frost tolerance and is said to be highly resistant to drought. Propagation must be carried out by vegetative means to preserve the cultivar form.

COLOUR CODING: RHS Colour Chart 1966

filaments: ca. Red Group 48C