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Corymbia 'Vermillion Blaze'

Corymbia ficifolia 'Vermillion Blaze'

Eucalyptus 'Vermillion Blaze'
Eucalyptus ficifolia 'Vermillion Blaze'

ORIGIN: Corymbia 'Vermillion Blaze' was selected from a tree growing in a private garden in Ballarat by Fon Ryan of Learmonth, Victoria. It is a sport of Corymbia ficifolia. The name describes the brilliant flower colour. The cultivar was first received in March 1990. The application for registration was received from Mr. Fon Ryan of Learmonth, Victoria. This group of eucalypts were later placed in the genus Corymbia.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar has yellow white stamens which are consistently longer than is usual for this species. The flower colour is more brilliant and luminescent than other forms of the species with none of the fading with age or rain that normally occurs. The stamens age to a dark red. The largest flowers have an internal ring diameter of 14.5 mm and an outer ring of 16 mm. The maximum stamen length is 0.25 mm, giving an overall diameter of 63 mm, with a longer calyx tube. The fruits are very large and have a pronounced hourglass shape.

DIAGNOSIS: Corymbia 'Vermillion Blaze' holds its flower colour much longer than other forms of C. ficifolia and the colour is more brilliant. Both the flowers and the fruits, while fitting within the known variations of the species, are towards the larger end of the size scale.

CULTIVATION: This cultivar is best suited to coastal and inland temperate regions with winter rainfall but no heavy frosts. It grows well in a wide range of soil types. To maintain the desired features of the cultivar all plants must be grafted or otherwise grown by vegetative means.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

Filaments: Red Group 41 A to Orange Red Group 32A (but luminescent).

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC463, ACRA461/350, CBG9002867/9104896