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Callistemon 'Tin-Sal Glow'

ORIGIN: Callistemon 'Tin-Sal Glow' is from the private garden of Mrs E J Morgan and is possibly a hybrid between C. 'Glasshouse Country' (C. recurvus x C. salignus, Reg. No. 357 ACRA) and C. recurvus (Tinaroo). The name is derived from "tin" (from Tinaroo - the old name for C. recurvus was C. sp (Tinaroo) and "sal" (abbreviation of salignus) - in reference to the hybrid parents. Received by the ACRA on 15 February 1990. The applicant was Mrs E J Morgan, Pikes Road, Glasshouse Mountains, Qld 4518.

DESCRIPTION: Fairly open habit, 1.5 m wide by 3-5 m tall, many-stemmed with a swollen base. Bark light grey, fissured. New growth pink. Spike moderately open, c. 3.5 cm wide; axis hairy at first. Leaves narrowly linear to oblanceolate, (3.0-) 3.5-5.5 cm long, c.0.32-0.77 cm wide, margins slightly recurved (on herbarium specimens at least); reticulate venation clearly visible. Stamens c. 4.8-5.4 cm, c. 1.5-2.1 cm long, pinkish at the tips, almost white at the base. Anthers yellow. Fruit is barrel-shaped ca 0.38-0.45 cm wide, ca 0.4 cm high, aperture not constricted, surface smooth. Flowering time spring to autumn.

DIAGNOSIS: Characterised by the 'glowing' appearance of the new growth and flower spikes (produced by the pale stamen bases). Its characteristics compared to other forms are summarised in the following table:

C. 'Glasshouse Country'

C. recurvus

C. salignus

More red colouration in the flower

Paler flower colour

Flower colour

Shorter flower spikes: (c. 3.3-5.5cm not 5.0-5.5 (-7.0)cm)

Fewer flowers in spike


Pinkish, not silvery green, new growth

Paler leaf colour

Smaller leaves


Mostly longer leaves



More spreading habit

Shorter habit


CULTIVATION NOTES: A prolific flowerer mainly in spring and autumn. Resistant to drought; fairly resistant to frost; flowers well after rain.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

filaments: Red Group 52A

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC464, ACRA502/391/459,CBG9102260/9212161/9002620