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Verticordia 'Wemm's Find'

NOTE: Originally received as Verticordia 'Venus Wemmiana'

ORIGIN: Verticordia 'Wemm's Find' is a natural hybrid between V. oculata and possibly V. etheliana, found in the Murchison district of WA. The cultivar epithet 'Wemm's Find' signifies the person who discovered it, Mr R. Wemm. The cultivar was received by the Authority in December 1990. Registration applied for by P and N Moyle, Mandurah, Western Australia.

DESCRIPTION: A moderately dense, rounded shrub to 35cm by 45cm wide after four years of growth. The leaves are moderately dense, orbicular to elliptic, 4-5mm wide, light green, with prominent oil glands. The pink-mauve-silver flowers aging to yellow white are held in dense terminal spike-like groups to 50mm long by 20mm wide. The flowering period in WA is from November to February.


V. oculata: Open rounded to upright shrub to 2m tall; leaves orbicular, stem clasping, 9mm long X 10mm wide, blue-green with silvery bloom when mature, becoming reflexed with age; flowers silver and purple or red giving a two tone effect, 15-25mm across, style is 10-19mm long, flowering time is November-February.

V. 'Wemm's Find': Moderately dense rounded shrub 35cm X 45cm; leaves orbicular to elliptic, 4-5mm long X 3-4mm wide, light green, moderately dense and more spreading; flowers pink-silver-mauve 14-16mm across, style 8-10mm long, flowering time November-December.

V. etheliana: Upright to open rounded shrub to 1.5m high X 1m wide. The leaves are orbicular, opposite, light green, sometimes purplish-green and becoming reflexed with age. The flowers are open with cream petals, ageing to dull red. Flower size 15mm across, style 18-20mm long and flowering time July to February.

CULTIVATION NOTES: This cultivar is moderately drought tolerant but its frost tolerance is unknown. It makes an excellent container plant. Propagation must be by vegetative means to preserve the cultivar form.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

fresh flowers: Red-Purple Group 73A

mature flowers: Yellow-White Group 158D but can vary through other colours of this group.