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Grevillea 'Winter Sparkles'

ORIGIN: Grevillea ‘Winter Sparkles’ is an F1 hybrid of Grevillea banksii x pteridifolia. The name refers to the character of its flowers and its flowering period. The originator and applicant was Mrs E J Morgan of Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland. In cultivation since 1986, the specimen was first received by the Authority on 7/8/1991.

DESCRIPTION: A tall, moderately dense, pyramidal shrub 5-6 m tall and 2-2.5 m wide, usually with one main erect stem. Bark grey, branchlets grey to silver grey with appressed fine silky hairs. Leaves deeply pinnate (14-)20-25 cm long, (7-)11-18 cm wide with linear lobes (5-) 10-15 cm long. Upper surface glabrous, green, lower surface silvery white due to fine silky appressed white hairs. Venation inconspicuous except for mid-vein. Flowers June - September in erect terminal secund inflorescences, becoming sub-cylindrical at anthesis; 12-15 cm long, 4-6 cm wide. Floral rachis covered with a moderately dense indumentum of short, spreading white hairs. Bracts linear to lanceolate, noticeable orange-yellow on inner surface, deciduous at anthesis. Perianth with an open matted indumentum outside and glabrous inside, 5 mm long, 4 mm wide. Pistil 27mm long, ovary sessile, densely hairy with appressed long silky white hairs, style glabrous, pollen presenter slightly lateral, stigma prominent.

DIAGNOSIS: Grevillea ‘Winter Sparkles’ has denser foliage than G. pteridifolia and G. ‘Honey Gem’ , and is taller than G. banksii. The flower colour is slightly more orange than G. ‘Sandra Gordon’.


Flowers Yellow- orange 23A

CULTIVATION: Drought hardy but only moderately frost hardy. Very attractive to small parrots.

REFERENCES: ACC497; ACRA345; CBG9104539.