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Callistemon 'Hannah's Child'

ORIGIN: Callistemon 'Hannah's Child' is believed to be a hybrid between Callistemon 'Hannah Ray' and Callistemon 'Kings Park Special'. It was selected from seedlings at Riverdene Nurseries , East Gresford, NSW. It was selected in 1987 and has been produced commercially since 1989. The cultivar was submitted for registration in January 1992 by Mr. and Mrs. Jupp, East Gresford, NSW

DESCRIPTION: Shrub 1.5 x 4m high. Produces scarlet flowers (9 to 12cm x 6 to 8 cm) from March to may and again in October/November. Young specimens are similar to Callistemon 'Hannah Ray', mature specimens are more like Callistemon 'Kings Park Special'. Its main distinguishing feature is its ability to flower at a much earlier age than either parent, and is very floriferous. New growth is pale yellow/green and covered with silky hairs. Mature leaves become glaucous.

DIAGNOSIS: Differs from both parents in its ability to flower when very young (less than 12 months, 140mm pots). Denser flowers than 'Hannah Ray'. Only 2/3 rds height of 'Hannah Ray'.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

Filaments Red 46A

CULTIVATION: Medium frost hardiness and medium to low drought tolerance. Tolerates very heavy, wet soils. Propagated by cutting.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC520;ACRA379/385; CBG9201561/9209091.