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Olearia 'Olwyn Barnett'

Olearia stellulata 'Olwyn Barnett'

ORIGIN: This cultivar was selected from the wild near Browntown Rd, Weeaproinah, in the Otway Ranges, Victoria. It is a form of Olearia stellulata. It is named for the (late) Olwyn Barnett who discovered it in December 1989. Registration was sought by the Society for Growing Australian Plants, Otway Group, PO Box 237, Colac Victoria 3250 in July 1992.

DESCRIPTION: As for the species, O. 'Olwyn Barnett' forms a shrub to 2m x 1m. It is moderately dense with light green foliage. It flowers from November to January.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar has been selected for its purple/pink flower heads. Each daisy is about 2 cms across. The usual form of O. stellulata is white.

CULTIVATION NOTES: This species grows well in open to semi-shaded situations, especially in temperate areas, and it grows in most soils with ample water supplied as it is found in wet sclerophyll forests. It is sensitive to heavy frost and to drought. It should be propagated from cuttings to ensure the colour form. This cultivar was formerly known as O. lirata but has been changed to O. stellulata in recent nomenclatural changes.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

petals: Violet - Blue Group 92A

centre of capitulum : Yellow Group 7A