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Correa 'Western Pink Star'

Correa alba 'Western Pink Star'

ORIGIN: This cultivar is said to have been chosen from the wild in western Victoria by Mr Pat Urbonus, now of Armidale, NSW and trialled by SGAP members for the past ten years. It is a from of Correa alba. It was found on cliff-tops in limestone pockets 15km east of Warnambool, Victoria. The original plants have since disappeared. Registration applied for by the Warnambool and District SGAP Inc., Victoria, in August 1992.

DESCRIPTION: Correa 'Western Pink Star' grows from 150 mm to 1m high as a semi-ascendent mounding plant. It flowers over a long period with its main flowering in April, May and June. The flowers are pink, fading as they age. The foliage is dense with a rusty appearance due to the dense hair covering.

DIAGNOSIS: The distinguishing features of this cultivar is the bright pink flowers which differ from the typical white to pale pink. It has proved to be frost and drought hardy in cultivation.

CULTIVATION NOTES: This plant grows easily from cuttings and should be propagated by this means to ensure flower colour. It is fast growing and flowers in its first year.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

petals: between Red Group 38C and 37C (petals have only the slightest blush of pink)

filaments: Red Group 38B