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Crowea 'White Star'

Crowea exalata 'White Star'

ORIGIN: The origin of this form of Crowea exalata is unknown. The name was chosen because of the white star-like flowers. The cultivar was first received by the Authority on 12 July 1990.

DESCRIPTION: The habit is undefined. Branchlets terete and scarcely angled. Leaves alternate, narrow oblong-spathulate and narowing gradually towards the base, 8-15mm long and 1.5-3mm wide on slender petioles ca. 1-2mm long, surface smooth, secondary nerves obscure. Central nerve usually raised below and margins of leaves slightly recurved. Flowers star-like, solitary, axillary or terminal on very short axillary shoots, 15-18mm across. Sepals 5, free, broadly ovate, ca. 1mm long, imbricate and reflexed. Petals 5, free, overlapping, broadly ovate 8-9mm long, smooth but with very fine longitudinal striations. Anthers reported to be yellow. Flowering spring and summer.

DIAGNOSIS: Characterised by the "star-like" flowers. It differs from the typical Crowea exalata in the smaller white rather than pale mauve or pink flowers, narrower and much shorter leaves.

CULTIVATION: In "Australian Horticulture" (July 1987, p49) it is reported that this cultivar will tolerate mild frosts but it requires good drainage. It makes an ideal specimen when it is tip pruned and, in addition, it is suitable for cut flowers.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

Petals - White Group 155A

PREVIOUS PUBLICATION: "Australian Horticulture" (July 1987, p49) has a short description accompanied by a black and white illustration.