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Ozothamnus 'Silver Jubilee'

Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius 'Silver Jubilee'

ORIGIN: This cultivar was selected from seedlings of Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius collected in the wild at South Port Bluff area in south eastern Tasmania in 1978. It was selected by Mr J May of the United Kingdom and was named 'Silver Jubilee’ for the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth 11. The seed was sent to Mr May by Ms J Closs of Tasmania. The cultivar was first received in December 1992. Registration applied for by Ms J Closs of Tasmania.

DESCRIPTION: Ozothamnus 'Silver Jubilee is a dense shrub that grows to 1.5m tall by 0.6m wide. The foliage is silver-grey. The flower buds are pink, opening to white flowers. Flowers are found from October to December.

DIAGNOSIS: The silver foliage is the main distinguishing feature of this cultivar.

CULTIVATION: The cultivar has been trialled for about ten years and is extensively grown in the United Kingdom. It has proved resistant to frost and has medium resistance to drought. It is grown easily from cuttings, which must be used to preserve the cultivar form. Pruning after flowering assists in retaining the dense habit.