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Pimelea 'Standup Point'

Pimelea nivea 'Standup Point'

ORIGIN: Pimelea nivea 'Standup Point' is a form of the species that was collected by J. Closs from a wild locality on the coast in south east Tasmania in the early 1980's. The name refers to the locality where the form was selected.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar forms a very compact shrub from 0.6m to 1.5m tall by up to 2m wide. The leaves are said to be broader and glossier than those of the usual form. It flowers very freely from October to December in Tasmania. Flowerheads are up to 35mm across, which is slightly larger than usual, with individual flowers 8-10mm long and white in colour.

DIAGNOSIS: This form can be distinguished from the more usual form of the species by its compact nature, glossier surface of the leaves and larger flower heads. It is more compact due to the short internodes spaces.

CULTIVATION: P. nivea 'Standup Point' has been in cultivation for around 10 years. It is a form commonly sold in native plant nurseries. It grows well in most soils, and in aspects that receive full to partial sun.  While the flowers are the major feature, the foliage is also very attractive when the plant is not in flower. Pruning after flowering is beneficial to keep the plant compact. It has a high frost tolerance and a medium tolerance to drought. Vegetative propagation must be used to preserve the cultivar form.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1995

Leaf upper:   close to 137A
Leaf lower:   157A
Flowers:   155C
Stamens:   169C

REFERENCE SPECIMEN: Accession Number 537. The cultivar was first received in December 1992. Registration applied for by J Closs of the Dodonaea Study Group of the Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants (ASGAP).